Friday, 22 February 2008

Sick post guilty verdict media coverage

This bloke who's been found guilty in Ipswich of killing 5 women has had some strange coverage post verdict.
They've been in his house - this was ITV I was watching. I don't see why they went in. It doesn't help at all apart from being quite sleazy as they showed the bedroom where he may have taken the girls.
If it'd been children he'd killed would they be quite so sleazy about the post guilty footage? I don't think they would. These women, despite their jobs, were still daughters, sisters, members of families. Why do we need to see the place where they were killed?
We don't. It's part of the sleazy media circus surrounding him. He's guilty. So lock him up. No need to show inside his house.

They also showed a huge bit of footage about other investigations and the fact he knew from the QE2 Suzy Lamplugh

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