Friday, 29 February 2008


Manchester's been crying into it's beer (Not boddies as that's not made in Manchester any more) this week as it's been knocked back for the super casino.

This was the local authority that was SO not ready for winning that no TV crew was in the area, the council was going about its normal business and hadn't even called a press event to say how sad they were when Blackpool got it. So when they got it the TV crews had to rush back to Manchester.

I've seen some item on the TV about it and they were talking about how it'll stop the "regeneration of east manchester"

They were talking about the decline of the area years ago - they pointed out it was the loss of the jobs in the area that led to it's decline, so happily witter on about "regenerating" the area by building houses and completely missing the point that you need jobs in an area to make it work. How many jobs did the commonwealth games make? How many jobs at the stadium? Would the casino have bought a few jobs for local people?

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