Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Yes bollards!

The council have spent £2000 (Source: Neighbour) on some bollards to stop people parking on the grass edges where we live. Our driveway road is used as a turning spot so they've put some bollards at the end ... they're not very near the corners though, so no danger of scratching your paint whilst you turn round.

We did think it was pretty bizarre to put them where they did, but outside a neighbours they've got them quite near the edge.
So a workvan has decided as he can't park on the road edge of the grass that he'd park on it anyhow he could. Yes he has blocked a neighbours drive way too - so she's just parked on our drive roadway and knocked on to ask if it was ok for ten minutes whilst she goes and tells off the workman's boss.
She said she's spoken to the woman at the council about it saying people would just do this sort of thing.

This is the road at the end of our driveway. It's shared between us and the neighbour the other side of it but as you can see from the mud the corners are regularly run over.

I've marked on this version of it where the kerbstones are

So you can see it's a right mud swamp. In fact when they put the bollards in on this side they couldn't be arsed trying to plant one very near this corner as the mud and water is about 1 ft deep.

It's this corner which suffers most so I don't imagine what they've done will help it much.

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