Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Common sense solution for litter dropping

I'm impressed to say my local authority - Oldham Council is the first in Greater Manchester to introduce the "reparation" scheme whereby you clear up the type of problem you've caused! They've made the news for punishing a litterbug by making him clean the streets

It also applies to people who have sprayed graffiti or allowed their dogs to foul the streets.

Amazing! It's a clever idea and helps solve the problems people cause.

There's so much litter dropped by young people though, will these also be included in the scheme?

And I'll tell you know if I could catch these litterdroppers or graffiti artists on camera I would!

Oldham's really hot on allowing people to report litter - you can report it via Tidy Oldham
or become a litterwatcher and get a free phone card for reporting litter!

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