Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Poor parenting to blame

Materialism to blame for "damaged" children

90% agree childhood more materialistic
69% agree violent video games make children more aggressive
90% believe Christmas advertising puts pressure on parents to spend more than they can afford
60% believe there should be a government ban on junk food advertising

It isn't about government bans on this or that. It should be about teaching parents to parent. I saw a baby screaming in a supermarket trolley for a sweetie bar. It's mother was wavering about giving it, but she did in the end just to shut the child up. This is the short fix. It does immense harm. It rewards temper tantrums and the "I want, I get" nature which is behind so many of society's problems.

Children should be part of the community. This doesn't mean they get masses of money spent on them by local councils. It means they can take part in activities open to all of society. Some nights there'll be nothing happening in an organised way and this is when children should be able to do quiet things at home or at their friends homes. Every night isn't a party and every child should learn from an early age that being able to occupy yourself is a worthwhile thing to be encouraged.

Tell your child no. Teach them that no means no. Do this from an early age. Teach your child to respect other people and their property. Teach them how to read quietly, how to do quiet hobbies, how to interact with other people in a social way.

Do not ask the government to implement rules to make up for your poor parenting.

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