Thursday, 27 November 2008

The bible

Should you pull apart the bible?

1. The Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bible
The Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bible is part of a wider campaign

This arresting title is the work of the XXXChurch, an organisation that on
the one hand helps people addicted to porn, while on the other hand taking the
gospel into the porn industry. They print this Bible to give out free at porn
shows and industry conventions, distributing over 15,000 in 2007.

2. The Manga Bible - The
Manga Bible - NT Raw : Books - Free Delivery

The British Christian Ajin-bayo Akinsiku, known as Siku, tells the whole story
in the form of a graphic novel. Cain says to Abel, "Whassup, bro?"
Noah loads animals onto the ark, saying, "That's 11,344 animals? Arggh!
I've lost count again. I'm going to have to start from scratch!" Christ
strides out of the desert like a Marvel superhero.

It skimps on some of the less bloodthirsty episodes like the sermon on the
mount, but Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is a fan, liking the way
it conveys "the shock and freshness of the Bible".

3. The Bible in Cockney - The
Bible in Cockney: Well Bits of it, Anyway.... : Books - Free Delivery

Cockney Bible

Former archbishop George Carey gave a thumbs up to the Cockney Bible

The rhyming slang version of the Bible was written by Mike Coles, an RE teacher
in Stepney, and started life as stories he told to his classes. In it, Jesus
feeds "five thousand geezers" with "five loaves of Uncle Fred
and two Lillian Gish". The Lord's Prayer morphs from "For thine is
the kingdom, the power and the glory" to "You're the Boss, God, and
will be for ever, innit?"

This one got the seal of approval of Rowan Williams's predecessor George Carey,
who grew up in London's East End, so must have known what he was rabbit and
porking about.

4. The Brick Testament - The
Brick Testament Free Delivery - Books - Search Results: The Brick Testament

This less-than-reverent online version by Brendan Powell Smith tells stories
from the Bible using Lego. It started life in 2001 with stories from Genesis
and today contains 391 stories with 4,214 illustrations. Though it is sometimes
satirical or tongue-in-cheek, it is often used by churches and Sunday schools,
and it's one of the versions that the Bible Society has welcomed as connecting
people with the Bible in a new way.

5. Inspired By… The Bible Experience

The Bible Experience

The Bible Experience is one for the iPod generation

And for the iPod generation, you can get the whole thing on your MP3 player,
read and performed by a Hollywood cast, including Forest Whitaker as Moses,
Cuba Gooding Jr as Jonah, and a possibly typecast Samuel L Jackson as God.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this new wave of Bibles is how sympathetic
the church is to people messing about with its sacred scriptures, whether in
wording or binding, no doubt reasoning that there can be some good in anything
that gets people hearing its stories.

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